Mar. 16th, 2008

Some Days

Mar. 16th, 2008 09:18 pm
jvar: (Raven Moon)
Among other stops yesterday, we needed to run in for something simple at JoAnn's fabric for Brian. But I've been having a recurring desire to create a set of 4 acrylic paintings. They are pretty firmly in my head and have been for several years.

At first, and for the first few years of this thought, I put it aside because I had so many other things that needed my attention. Also, I have a lot of hobbies. Also, I have a lot of partially completed projects. Also...well, you get the idea.

Then, sometime last year I mentioned it to Brian. He said "before you go buying anything, why don't you sketch out what you want to do first." And I let that be the final word.

Yesterday, I saw 5"x5" canvas blocks on sale 40% off. I picked up 4. And a small set of acrylic paints, and extra black, and a set of brushes.

Fuck waiting. If these have been in my head for this long, then it's time I quit making excuses or letting someone make them for me.

I have a birthday present for my mother I need to finish as her birthday is the 25th. That only means I won't start painting until then. But I will sketch out the 4 canvases and create what's in my head. If for nothing else, to clear a spot for new obsessions.


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