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I have a garden. It's a beautiful thing because I see it as beautiful. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of it because it wasn't created for anyone's use but mine. I have a partial wall keeping the public from prying into my garden. It is invitation only. It is made up of all the things I want to tend and enjoy. I love to commune with my garden. To dig my toes into the soil and smell the rich earth.

I've designed my garden to suit my needs. Some plants need more attention than others to flourish and thrive. Others grow strong with little tending. It's a wondrous mix. Finding out which plants enjoy and benefit from the company of other plants is exciting. Knowing which need barriers and tending to them is an on-going process, which occasionally needs transplanting to work for all. Sometimes, things pull me away and the garden gets neglected. With a little renewed effort, everything rebounds and the rewards are dramatic.

Sometimes, pretty plants will grow too vigorously in areas where I hadn't planned for them to take root. When they start to choke out other plants, aggressive action is needed. They need to be contained. Some plants are encouraged to spread where they continue to delight. This might change from year to year, but doesn't mean that the plant isn't wanted, just that others need more space or time or fertilizer.

Occasionally, I will let a new unknown seedling grow to see what it becomes. If I realize it's a noxious weed, as can happen, it needs to be eradicated. Some weeds are easy to kill and won't come back. Others wrap their roots deeply and dig deep, resisting attempts to be removed. Some non-noxious weeds are beautiful.

Sometimes I will try and grow something lovely here that isn't native to where I live. And no matter what I do, it might not survive. But while it does, I can enjoy it and pamper it and dote on it. I can pour all my efforts into making it work even knowing it might not. And that's what a gardener does.

This is my garden. What my garden looks like is my doing.


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