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A pictorial Guide to my upper body tattoo. I chose these tattoos for what they represent as reminders to bring out these qualities in my personality.

Medicinal / Poisonous (left arm)
I wanted one side to be beautiful herbaceous plants that are also poisonous when mis-administered.

The honey bee was placed on this side for it’s healing delicious honey and the fact that I’m horribly allergic when stung…and in Hebrew, Debra means little bee.

6614RbU.jpg Black Mandrake
One of the herbs in Flying Ointment. It represents protection and love.
As a poison: In large doses, it’s knows to excite delirium and madness
As a medicinal, it is used for sleep when continued pain is present, and for easing melancholy.

Top: Black Mandrake - Left Bottom: Henbane - Right Middle: Nightshade (Bitter) pUWKRoP.jpg

Bittersweet Nightshade:
As a poison: Mild narcotic, poisonous berries.
Medicinally, it’s used for calming skin issues and for bronchitis and catarrh.

As a poison: The smell alone can produce giddiness. Induces hallucinations and a drunken sleep which can be fatal.
Medicinal: Treats scar tissue and as a sedative.

ONBByu5.jpg Poppy

Produces Morphine, Codein, Heroin, and Opium
All can relieve pain, and become addictive.
Top Right: Wormwood - Lower Right: Foxglove (digitalis)fISYAK0.jpg

Its aromatic leaves and flowers are naturally rich in the terpene thujone, an aromatic, bitter substance believed to induce an inexplicable clarity of thought, increased sense of perception, enhanced creativity, inspiration and the ability to "see beyond"

Foxglove (digitalis):
Foxglove is one of the few herbs used in pharmaceutical manufacture today; the digitalis glycosides commonly used to treat congestive heart failure or atrial fibrillation are difficult to synthesize, so are easier to derive directly from foxglove. Easily poisonous.

qPjh6Ql.jpg Monkshood (aconite)

Medicinally, eases discomfort of neuralgia and joint inflammation. Also known as one of the deadliest poisons. Poison can be transferred through the skin.

Floral (Right arm & Center)
My love for flowers and their meanings is represented on my right arm and center chest.

ffr4Vi0.jpg Tea Roses

Deep pink roses represent gratitude and appreciation. Rose is also my middle name.


The dahlia flower expresses sentiments of dignity and elegance. They are also the symbol of a commitment and bond that lasts forever. They were said to be given to that unique, eclectic person whom you wish to compliment her wild side.  There are three, one for each of my daughters.

Fe9iFqJ.gif Windflowers, Anemones (rununculus)

From the Greek “Daughter of the Wind” A showy, solitary flower.
It represents Anticipation, and a ward against illness.

gU11qVy.jpg Orchid

Represents proud and glorious femininity. This was done from a photo of one of the orchids that Brian grew, increasing its sentimental value strongly.


Svu1V7X.jpg Bee

Bees symbolize unity, family ties, and hard-work. Busiest and arguably the most useful of insects. Shows how to communicate effectives, cary heavy loads and make them productive. Teaches concentration and empowerment with lightness and agility.

uZrxAL2.jpg Beetle

Beetles aid in transformation, metamorphosis, resurrection and rebirth. It teaches harmony in the coming changes by utilizing your intuitive abilities and teaches discernment where you need it the most. Illuminates problems and situations in the correct perspective. It is all about stages of development.

UUndQMF.jpg Ant
Ant medicine calls to our attention patience, persistence and endurance. Knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that what is yours will come to you.

m0TNKF2.jpg Butterfly

The butterfly asks us to accept the changes in our lives as casually as she does. The butterfly unquestioningly embraces the chances of her environment and her body.
This unwavering acceptance of her metamorphosis is also symbolic of faith. Here the butterfly beckons us to keep our faith as we undergo transitions in our lives. She understands that our toiling, fretting and anger are useless against the turning tides of nature - she asks us to recognize the same.

  1. Time, Soul, Grace, Growth, Elegance, Expansion, Lightness

  2. Surrender, Transition, Expression, Celebration, Vulnerability

fy9CZvK.jpg Mantis

The mantis comes to us when we need peace, quiet and calm in our lives. Usually the mantis makes an appearance when we've flooded our lives with so much business, activity, or chaos that we can no longer hear the still small voice within us because of the external

  1. Stillness, Awareness, Creativity, Patience, Mindful, Calm

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