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Birthdate:Aug 19
Location:Brandon, Michigan, United States of America
Words. Words. Words.

That's what you'll get here. This is straight from my head. This is me writing for me, so I will only open things up for comments when comments are welcome. As it stands, that's fairly often.

Welcome to my head. Enjoy your stay.

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abramelin, absinthe, alchemy, alternative medicine, archangels, aromatherapy, black & white photography, bohemian, bota, brains, caduceus, ceremonial magick, chemistry, color, cooking, creating, crows, da vinci, da'ath, david bowie, dead sea scrolls, dimensions, discordian, douglas hofstadter, dr. andrew weil, earth, ebony anpu, ecclectic, elementals, elements, erotica, esoteric, essential oils, eternal golden braid, evangelion, ferrets, fine art photography, fire, fnord, forests, franz bardon, gardening, gematria, gnosis, gnostic, gnosticism, golden apple corps, golden dawn, goth, gothic, guided imagery, gypsy, hail eris, handmade soap, hawk and jackal, hebrew, herbal medicine, herbalism, herbs, hermeticism, hermetics, hermits, hexagrams, holistic health, illuminati, intelligence, jewish mysticism, kabbalah, lbrp, learning, logic, lvx, magick, massage therapy, metaphysics, miatas, middle pillar, mu, multiverses, music, mystic, mysticism, mystics, nag hammadi, natural healing, natural medicine, naturalism, naturopathy, neon genesis, occult, parrots, pentagrams, phi, philosophy, poetry, poing, poly, pomegranites, priory of sion, psychology, purple, qabalah, qabbalah, qblh, quantum sciences, quantum theory, reading, red heads, ritual, rose cross, roses, rosicrucian, sacred, sacred geometry, secret societies, self knowledge, sephiroth, sexuality, sigil magick, sigils, single malt scotch, sophia, sparkly things, spirit, spirituality, storms, tantra, tarot, tattoos, teaching, tesseract, theology, theosophy, thunderstorms, time, tiphareth, tree of life, witchcraft, witches, wood carving, writing.
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