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Can a weekend really make a difference? Can a birthday really kick off a change in head space?

Yes. Definitively.

This is my year of creativity. This is the year that I create things of value and delight. This is the year that I let my artistic inhibitions go and create without worry about how it will be received.

My anxiety about starting something new is waning and I'm tired of spending time plodding along old paths that are going nowhere. It's time to clean out the space and tackle the projects that are starting to appear in my dreams.

All of the heavy issues and prior choices that have weighed on my shoulders are no longer burdens dragging me down. They have become opportunities for solutions (and barring solutions, then these matters will progressively become smaller in my grand scheme until they no longer need to be acknowledged)

This trip around the sun will see me full of love and lust and vital energy. I will find my puzzle pieces and make my connections and reconnections.

I've wasted plenty of time pursuing opportunities that were nearly perfect. I am learning now to look at things in a new light. I will still take chances and throw myself into what I do, but I have grown well aware of what I want and if it threatens to veer me off of that course I will no longer just jump at the immediate pretty vision and risk the dream.

I don't care any more about the hard work, battered fingers, sore muscles and temporary aches that are in front of me. This morning, I welcome them as signs of progress.

I wanna make a mess
I wanna blow off stress
I wanna stoke the fire
Just creatures for a while
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These are some of the things I'd like to be remembered for accomplishing after I'm gone.
  • Noted author (not related to computer technology)

  • Artist (woodworking skills)

  • Herbalist and Nutrition Coach

  • Hermetic Alchemist


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