May. 29th, 2016

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Woke up around 6 this morning and after coffee was made, I decided to listen to another video and found my muse.

My weekend so far:

  • Oh Look! A New Learning Opportunity!

    • Find a really great resource called Skillshare, spend a long time bookmarking video tutorials to watch. (call this obsession #1 and research)

    • Many are artistic, 1/3 are technical. (Choose. Must choose one to start with!)

    • Thought: Hey. I never properly learned the basics, so let’s spend time on the fundamentals!

    • doot doot doot, take 4 lines of notes and feel like I just destroyed the journal with triviality…bored now

  • Hey…let’s frivolously waste time on something purely creative and potentially useless

and BOOM! Inspiration!!!!!

  • Listen to the video (49 minutes)

  • Listen to the video a second time and take copious notes on instructor’s words and personal philosophy of what he creates. Add these notes right after the sad 4 lines I wrote in the pretty new journal, thereby redeeming it!

  • Decide to write about it in my (this) LJ. Realize one of the posts I had thought I had posted and could never find was stuck in my MacJournal program.

    • Really want it posted (despite it being from Sept 2013!) so try to figure out where to put the images from the photo-rich post. 2 hours later, that journal is cleaned up for public viewing, image resource secured, and post made.

  • Take a look at my notes and decide I have to share some of them here as well as in the paper journal because, well, This Shit Must Take Root!

  • Talk it over in-between with Brian. There are tears of desperation and inspiration. Realize that I have less years ahead of me than behind and if I don’t get my brain over this “I can’t do it” hump now…it may be too late eventually, but it’s not too late NOW!

  • Decide that it is perfectly OK to be the weird old woman with the graphic journal she’s working on that sits outside at the bar while music plays and drinks are had. Who CARES what anyone thinks…I’m letting my soul take control for a while.

So…yeah. I’m manic. I feel like I cut one of the stronger cords that keeps me grounded and mundane. Notes from the video:
Course: Drawing Daily Monsters: Finding inspiration in a Drop of Ink
Instructor Stefan G. Bucher

(my quotes are nearly word for word…I may have missed a few, but I got most right)

“The process of drawing for me has always been a process of failing. Where I have an image in my head and then as I put it on paper, the shortcomings of my hands becomes apparent. The monsters are a way of reversing that process because I don’t know what they will look like. I don’t go into it with an idea that it’s going to be this character, or this thing. The whole thing is a process of discovery.”

“I have paper love. When someone gives me a finely crafted sheet of beautiful hand made paper, I get all in my head about is this drawing worth the sheet of paper I’m drawing it on.” You need to get around this thinking.

“Don't feel you have to have a pristine workspace for this or for anything. It doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s just a procrastination thing.”

“The filling in is a bit tedious, but it’s a chance to zen out.”

“I think with all creative work, the secret to success is just to keep your ass in your seat.”


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